APUG (analog photography users group)
A great resource for the old school. Tons of information and other assistance for photographers who still shoot on film.

Black and White Magazine
A high-quality, well-respected photography magazine, published quarterly, focusing on great images and the photographers who make them.

This is a fun and informative site, a specialty wikipedia for cameras. You can find information about almost every camera here.

Dan Tague: New Orleans artist
This is the website of one of my good friends and local art gurus, Dan Tague. He is an amazing, up-and-coming artist, worth checking out and keeping tabs on.

Dwayne's Photo
This processing house has been around for over 50 years, they were the last place to develop Kodak's beloved Kodachrome film, and they still have a reputation as one of the best. I get all my color film and slides processed here.

My Facebook page. This is a great place to get in touch with me, and become a part of my network!

This will take you to my Flickr Photostream, where you can see fuller versions of some of these galleries, and many more examples of my work.

Freestyle Photographic Supplies
This is a store out in Los Angeles, one of the best. I get supplies from a number of different sources, mostly online, but I want to feature these guys because they have a real dedication to maintaining the availability of darkroom supplies, in an era when it is increasingly less lucrative to do so. I buy all my darkroom chemicals from them.

Mimi's in the Marigny
Local bar with great food and drinks and music, a perfect neighborhood vibe, and an ongoing gallery space upstairs, featuring a new artist every month.

An online resource for Nikon shooters, where I'm a member in good standing.

Oceanside Camera Repair
If you are lucky enough to own a Rolleiflex TLR, and you need it repaired, or CLA'd, Harry Fleenor at Oceanside is your best friend. He is a legend in the U.S., who formerly worked for Rollei in Germany. I've trusted him with my Rollei on more than one occasion.

Plastic Cameras Wiki
Everything you ever wanted to know about toy cameras.

The Good Children Gallery
A New Orleans gallery in the downtown cultural hotbed of the Bywater.

The Pelican Bomb
A terrific e-zine representing the Louisiana arts community. You can find some of my work in their archived areas.